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Build Season Monthly Wrap ups! - January Edition


What an incredible month! Our team has accomplished so much in our first 27 days of build! Here are some of our major accomplishments!

Mechanical Accomplishments:

- Successful prototyping of shooter

-Successful prototype of intake

-Prototype of conveyor belt completed!

-Began CAD

February Goals:

-Built the chassis

-Finish Major Mechanisms

-Finish Final Assembly and begin Testing

Control Systems Accomplishments:

- Vision processing

-Auto aiming


-Wired practice boards

February Goals:

-Code should be finished

-Autonomous code path planned

-Electrical board and robot wiring completed

Business Accomplishments

- Travel Logistics planned

- Presentation at Danville Lions

February Goals:

-Finalize and Send out Travel Packets

-Hit $50,000 in funding

-Have 2 more farmer's markets and finalize FLL Workshops


Thank you!!

Thank you to all the parents that have donated to the team this month!: Thank you to Josh Meiri, Greg LeClaire, Flora Ting, Jeffrey Chen,the Family of Laird Wheeler, Trevor Crossley, Aiden Anderson, The Gawde Family, and the Dempster family for your generosity!

Special Thanks to Vivian Meek, Allison LeClaire, Annette Hagewiesche, Kathy Hanze, Priya Daryani, Alan Mello, Orna Eliav-Meiri, Jeffrey Chen, Jennifer Wheeler for donating snacks and lunches for our weekend builds! Our team runs on food and would not be able to be nearly as productive without your support.

Please continue spreading our donation link and funding letter to your friends, family members, and corporate contacts! Speaking of corporate contacts, our team is proud to welcome the SRVHS SITE Council, Two Walmart Franchises, and Object Edge as our newest Biscuit Buddies! They join Google, NASA, Intuitive Surgical, SRVHS Academic Boosters, and the SRVHS PTSA.

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Radhika Gawde
Radhika Gawde
Jan 28, 2020

Go Team 1280!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!

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