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Team 1280 is grateful to the mentors that assist our team in achieving our goals! Whether they are providing technical help or simply moral support, The Ragin' C-Biscuits would not be where we are without our mentors.

Head mentor: Mr. Martin

"As I tell all of my students, the best way to approach robotics, as with life, is to 'be safe, and make good choices!'"

Years with Team: 1
Years in FIRST: 1
Bio: Mr. Lucien Martin is an English teacher at SRVHS, and is not only our head mentor but also acts as our staff liaison and is a mentor for our business team. Mr. Martin approached us and asked to mentor us because his brother had been captain of another high ranked team called Madtown Robotics while the both of them were in High School. He is fun to be around and boosts team morale and makes sure that we stay positive and motivated!

Roles: As Head Mentor, Mr.Martin is responsible for working with both the student leadership f the club and the administrative leadership of the school in order to facilitate the growth and success of the Robotics Team here at SRVHS. This role primarily revolves around running the backend of the club, and as such is significantly less glamorous than the title suggests. It is wonderful to work so closely with the students on a regular basis, but it is just as easy to fell victim to the pile of paperwork that mounts quickly in this role.

Mechanical Mentor:

Mr. Paterson

Years with Team: 1
Years in FIRST: 1
Bio: Mr. Tim Paterson is a computer programmer who coded the basis for what is now Microsoft. He reached out to our team and asked if he could mentor us in programming and mechanical. 

Roles:  Mr.Paterson has been a critical resource in helping our team with CAD and the design stages of building our robot! He helps us work through our ideas and find problems and solutions to every aspect of our design!

Mechanical Mentor:
Mr. Gastrich

Years with Team: 2
Years in FIRST: 2
Bio: Mr. Justin Gastrich reached out to our team from Production Robotics and offered to be a technical mentor for our team. Despite the distance of the commute to our Autoshop, Mr. Gastrich works with our team and gives us critical technical assistance and engineering advice during the build season!

Roles: Mr. Gastrich helps the team with the design and fabrication of our robot. It is with his critical guidance that our team is able to effectively and efficiently bring our ideas to fruition.

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