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Building great students and bots since 2004

We are the San Ramon Valley High School Robotics Team (FRC Team 1280) and we have been competing in the FIRST Robotics Challenge for 16 years. With just 6 weeks to design, build, program, and fundraise for a robot, FRC teaches us teamwork, business, engineering, machinery, and computer design. This year’s challenge is “Deep Space” and we are eagerly awaiting the challenge release and season kickoff in January! We are team of 79 students with 1 full time mentor, 2 part time mentors, and 1 staff liason.


Throughout our FRC career, we have won several regional events and numerous awards including: the Rookie Inspiration Award, both the Radio Shack and Rockwell Automation Innovation in Control Awards, the Imagery Award, the Engineering Excellence Award, and the Creativity Award. While we do focus on the competitive aspect of robotics, we also strive to spread the knowledge of STEM through our outreach programs to those who might not otherwise have access to these opportunities.

We have impacted over 21,000 K-12 students alone through our assemblies and workshops.

"Building a Robot in 6 weeks, Rebuilding a Team in 2 years,  A Community over 15, and Changing the World FOREVER"
-Team 1280 Signing Off

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), is a nonprofit organization founded by Dean Kamen. Its goal is to inspire and educate young people in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (also known as STEM) through a student-led learning process in which they are assisted and encouraged by mentors. Students learn not only technical STEM skills, but also the FIRST ideals of Coopertition and Gracious Professional.


The C-Biscuit Mission Statement

FRC Team 1280 is on a mission to inspire student interest in, and accelerate learning of, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). By providing an exciting, highly-inclusive and mentor-supported environment, our team members graduate to become the next generation of successful leaders in science and technology. Team 1280 is proud to be entirely student-led with members that organize themselves into one of the three following functional areas: mechanical, programming and business 79 students from San Ramon Valley High School (SRVHS) directly benefit from their participation in Team 1280.  Team 1280 also hosts numerous outreach programs in its SF Bay Area community where local elementary and middle schoolers benefit and learn about the exciting world of STEM.

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