Mechanical builds, designs, and assembles the robot!

What Is mechanical?

The mechanical sub-group is an essential part of the robotics team. They form creative designs, and use a variety of different kinds of tools to build robot we need. The design process starts by allocating people into multiple groups to form unique ideas. Once everyone is ready, they all come together to brainstorm and figure out the best design. The robot is then finalized by using software called Fusion 360 to create a digital 3D model of the robot. Parts are ordered online from McMaster and AndyMark, and after six weeks of building, assembling, and refining, the robot is finally brought to life.


CAD, or computer-aided design software, is a way for users to find out the general weight, size, and look of our robot before machining.  The software we use is called OnShape, free to all FRC students.  Our team has used Dassault Systèmes Solidworks in the past but decided to switch this last year because of OnShape's cloud sharing feature. This year we are using Fusion 360 for our CAD! Check back when we upload our CAD designs from this season.

Meet our MECHANICAL Manager: Carl Roe

What does he do? As the mechanical manager, I manage everything mechanical from design to CAD to fabrication, training, and coordination of mechanical subteams. I also help with fabrication with the heavy-duty equipment. 


What's he like? He is very detail-oriented and talented at drawing very accurate models of our prototyped robot. He is a person who helps a ton with all of the details of the robot. He is the person that makes all of the things happen. He is essential to the team and our team wouldn’t be able to operate without him. His ideas are always genius and very intuitive and devotes so much time and effort into this team.

Meet our Mechanical Subteam Lead: Ameesh Daryani

What do I do?

What does he do? As subsystem lead, I manage the design, prototyping, fabrication, and assembly of various subsystems on the robot

What's he like? He is very diligent and hard-working. He always takes initiative to solve any problem the team is facing. He is detail-oriented and accomplishes any task assigned to him in record time. He always brightens the team atmosphere and knows how to make the team relax and have fun while ensuring the robot and all its mechanisms get completed by the competition!  He is a quick thinker and is innovative in his solutions and always does his best to advance the interests of the team! 


Meet Vicebreaker: The Team 1280's 2019 FRC Deep Space Robot! Vicebreaker has a dual-stage cascading elevator with a forklift and a flip-out intake. It has a West Coast Drivetrain!

Robot Capabilities:

  •  Shoots cargo into all levels of the rocket and the Cargo bay

  •  Starts on Level 2 of the HAB during auto

  • Picks up cargo from the human player station and the ground


Status: Retired. No longer in competition. She's outreach only!

Behind the Name: Mechanical veteran Vikram Gopalan was rushing to cut a piece of aluminum with a saw and ended it pushing the saw forward. His entire body weight was forward as he finished the cut and ended up punching the vice. Ouch!

Fun Facts: 

  • The elevator works

  • The elevator has no brake

  • There are 3 types of motor controllers on it

  • The radio is named Twilight Sparkle because it was the only space-themed horse the business team could think of!   |   501 Danville Blvd., Danville, CA 94526

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