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Control Systems!

We make the robot go vrooooooooooooom!

What Is Programming?

The programming sub team is responsible for writing the code to make the robot move as well as giving life to the individual subsystems of the robot. The programming team also programs the autonomous mode for the robot as well as writing some auto-alignment and vision processing code. 

What Is Electrical?

The electrical subteam wires the robot so the individual mechanisms and the chassis receive power. The electrical subteam acts like the nerves of the robot! Members of the electrical subteam sketch out and plan the electrical board and serve as a bridge between the programming and mechanical teams.

Meet our CODING Lead

What does he do? As Programming Lead, I oversee all programming-related tasks on the team, ranging from testing subsystems to creating autonomous subroutines. As a manager, I don’t do all of the programming on this team myself, but delegate tasks to the other programmers, and oversee the creation and maintenance of our robot’s codebase as a larger system.

What's he like? Spencer is humorous and intelligent person who never misses a beat when someone needs help. He’s an amazing coder and is always capable of making any computing problem work out with enough time. He’s knowledgeable, couragable, and at the end of the day, a fun person to hang around with.

“This subteam has allowed myself and my fellow programmers years of practical experience with Java, Python, and various other languages, in a welcoming shop environment. The fact that this resource was and is even available to us in the first place is fantastic, and everyone on our team is so much better off for it.”

Meet our Electrical Lead

What does he do? Electrical Captain leads the electrical subteam which is responsible for all electrical components on the robot. I delegate tasks to a group of 4+ individuals and manage their progress in these tasks. With my leadership and experience, the electrical subteam is able to create an electrical system capable of powering the robot and all of its functions in order to complete all the tasks required of it for the FRC competition.   

What's he like? Karim is a practical person who values the input of everyone on the team. Nothing makes him happier than seeing the robot turn on and perform on the field because he loves seeing the blood, sweat, and tears of spent on this six-week-old robot pay off. 

“It’s never an electrical issue, but even when it is an electrical issue that’s because mechanical didn’t make the robot well enough.”

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